Solderpunk's Gemini capsule


Howdy, I'm Solderpunk - founder and de facto BDFL of the Gemini protocol and the universe, Gopher phlogger and general grumpy digitial malcontent. This is where I "eat my own dogfood", as they say, with respect to Gemini.


Gemlogs (Gemini logs)

My gemlog - verbose ramblings

My "pikkulog" - shorter and less focussed

Non-Gemini presence

Before the arrival of Gemini, my main online presence was my gopherhole at the Mare Tranquilitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu. Nowadays I cross-post most of my long form content to both my gemlog and my phlog, so people can consume it via whichever protocol they prefer. But there's three years of pre-Gemini content available only via Gopher - check it out!

My gopherhole at the Zaibatsu

My minimal website at the Circumlunar web outpost